For the love of rats
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~ Rattus Norvegicus ~
King sized love in a pint-sized package.

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Hey guys I don’t ask things of you often; you’ve all been so good to me with the sweet comments and support, I figured you’d like to see what I’ve been taking an interest in outside my rats~ I won’t clog up your time, but I made my first Nuzlocke run/youtube video and if you’re into pokemon I’d really appreciate if you checked it out and left a like :D And if you want to see more, you’re more than welcome to subscribe.

Again thank you so much for your support <3


Alfred and Jarvis :3


Here is iPhone video number two. iPhone is still not set up to call or text. He has no signal. Bit I am using him now as a video camera and wifi accesser so that’s nice. Here are some rats.

I love this

  • Me: Goodnight, rats! See you in the morning!
  • Rats: *lounging peacefully in the space pod*
  • Me: *turns off light, goes to bed*
  • Rats: *squeaking, fighting, shrieking, and random rat-murder sounds*
  • Me: *jumps out of bed and turns on light* WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THERE??!!?!?
  • Rats: *lounging peacefully in the space pod*
13. September 2014

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How can you not like rats. He’s literally snuggled in my hand omfg. #fritter #rat #saybyetoyournuts #heshappycausehedoesntknowwhatscoming #mybaby

Happiest rat on the planet right now :)


I’m trying to take more pictures of them actually exploring and using their cage…they aren’t very good pictures but here are two of them on the rope! Which they don’t use that often so I was excited to see that!

#ratkisses #rat #Morgan

This is a very accurate portrayal :P