For the love of rats
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~ Rattus Norvegicus ~
King sized love in a pint-sized package.

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Something is in the chair

Spooky being terrified of nothing as always

He refuses to move from this spot because he’s scared of nothing. Like sometimes Spooky will he fine in my living room and playing and popcorning and other times hes freaking out for absolutely no reason. Both times the livingroom has just me in it, its dimly lit and quiet with no electronics running. I dont get it.

Eating cereal

So I’ve been really upset about losing another rat a few weeks ago so I got myself a new baby!  He’s an absolute sweetheart and so friendly.  He’s wiggly so pictures are basically impossible, but he’s a beige masked dumbo.  His mask is so even and perfect.  I’ve named him Moriarty.

Vince is helping me play the Broke family today (by helping I mean he’s stealing my tootsie pops)

Monday is cancelled.  Yay!  #mondays #martymouse #marty #ratstagram #petstagram #cutepets

Pumpkin being daring

T-Rex Wild Edition - 3More at:

Let my babies run around outside the other day